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Your Moment of Trust
brought to you by Hub for Podcasting and the Better Business Bureau of the Tri Counties.

Nov 10, 2022

A Podcast by BBB of the Tri-Counties:

Fake gaming app ads have become rampant in recent years. They may feature videos that have little (or nothing) to do with the actual gameplay. Or make misleading claims like, "If you score 400, you can go to Disneyland." Game manufacturers run these ads because that's what gets clicks and downloads. But the practice has resulted in many frustrated gamers, who don't realize they were misled until after they d ownload the app, set up an account, and start playing. Until we have rules against these misleading ads, it's up to consumers themselves to evaluate whether they should trust an ad and download the promoted game.

This episode details how you can spot fake gaming ads and apps. It's important to do your homework before downloading them. A BIG thank you to Ayers Automotive Repair in Santa Barbara for sponsoring this podcast.