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Your Moment of Trust
brought to you by Hub for Podcasting and the Better Business Bureau of the Tri Counties.

Oct 29, 2019

The Better Business Bureau of the Tri-Counties shares tips on Halloween preparations--helping us to avoid getting spooked by deceptive tricks or false advertising!  Contact the BBB of the Tri-Counties by calling 805-96-8657  To visit their website,

Oct 25, 2019

According to the Federal Trade Commission, victims lost $143 million in romance scams last year alone.  That's more than any other type of fraud reported to the federal government and the real number is undoubtedly higher because victims are often embarrassed and reluctant to report them.  In this episode, learn to stay...

Oct 14, 2019

Occasionally, a business may fall short of your expectations.  The good news is, the Better Business Bureau is here to help.  They have a complaint handling department and protocols for helping resolve disputes.  This episode will explain how complaints are handled and resolved.  

Oct 14, 2019

Business Email Compromise, or BEC, are scams that usually target businesses, rather than individuals.  But let's face it, today most everyone uses email for work and personal communication, making all of us potential victims of this fraud.  Learn how to protect yourself from this type of scam on...

Oct 14, 2019

As we approach the holidays, many people like to get their home repairs done before visitors come calling.  Whether you are doing simple repairs, adding on to your home or renovating a room, if you need outside help with your project, hiring a contractor may well be your best solution.  In this episode, you'll learn...