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Tips to Avoid Scams when Purchasing Sports Memorabilia

Dec 9, 2021

Collecting sports memorabilia has been an American pastime for nearly a century. Devoted fans seek out souvenir items such as jerseys, equipment, cards, or other items that have direct connections to famous players or historic games. Collectors’ enthusiasm and willingness to spend are higher than ever - and scammers have noticed. Legal cases in recent years have shed light on a widespread fraud problem threatening the sports memorabilia trade. Since many items are now sold online, it can be harder than ever to trust that a seller or product is genuine. If you’re a collector, or are considering purchasing sport’s memorabilia, don’t miss this important episode! Subscribe today to this podcast, brought to you by BBB of the Tri-Counties. A BiG thank you to Ayers Automotive Repairs in Santa Barbara for sponsoring this podcast.