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Jan 14, 2021

The start of a new year is a great time to clean your house and get rid of unwanted items. There are great opportunities in the modern age to sell used household items. Depending on what you want to sell online, being selective about certain venues like Ebay and Facebook Marketplace is important. Selling goods online is not without it risks and challenges. Consider the different ways that you can sell items online, whether through in-person exchanges or mailing packages.

If you are in the Santa Barbara area and need auto repair, contact Ayers Automotive Repair. Thank you to Ayers Automotive Repair for their automotive tip of the week!

To report or investigate a potential scam, visit Scam Tracker, or call BBB of the Tri-Counties at 805-963-8657. Thank you to Meathead Movers in Santa Barbara for being our community partner. If you are in need of a moving service and if you want a safe and efficient move, call 866-THE-MEAT