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Your Moment of Trust
brought to you by Hub for Podcasting and the Better Business Bureau of the Tri Counties.

Aug 5, 2023

A Podcast by BBB of the Tri-Counties

A BIG thank you to Ayers Auto Repairs in Santa Barbara for Supporting this Podcast

Welcome to this week’s edition of Your Moment of Trust! Electric bicycles— or e-bikes –
allow riders to go farther and faster than a standard bicycle. Riding an e-bike instead of
driving a car can help you lower your carbon footprint, save on gas money, and stay

E-bikes come in many models and price ranges, so finding the right one for your needs
requires research. BBB recommends the following tips to help you pick the right e-bike
for your budget.

Tips for buying an e-bike

● Think about what you need. First, think about your riding style. Will your e-bike
be for recreation or commuting? Do you need to haul groceries or a child? Will
you be riding on dirt roads or pavement? Will you be riding on flat ground or
steep hills? How many miles will you cover on a trip? Knowing the answers to
these questions will help you narrow down your choices.

● Get to know e-bike classes. E-bikes are divided into classes. With class 1 electric
bicycles, the motor only runs when you pedal and stops running when you reach
20 mph. Class 2 e-bikes do the same but also have a throttle-powered mode.
Class 3 e-bikes work like class 1 bikes but assist up to 28 mph. Think about how
you intend to use your e-bike but check access rules too. E-bike regulations vary
from state to state and determine where to use the bike.

● Choose the right type of electric bicycle. There are many different kinds of
e-bikes. The style you pick depends on how you plan to use your bike.

○ Commuter bikes usually come with fenders, lights, and other accessories
that make them safer to use in traffic. Some come in foldable models,
making them easier to stow on public transportation.

○ Cruiser models are more comfortable and allow the rider to sit upright.
These are generally for recreation and don’t always come with
accessories that would make them suitable for long-distance trips.

○ E-mountain bikes have thicker frames and bigger tires and are suitable for
off-roading and steep inclines.

○ Performance road bikes are more lightweight and designed to tackle
longer distances with dropdown handlebars that help you maintain anaerodynamic posture.
○ Cargo bikes are robust and built to haul bulky items or even an extra
● Understand the motor options. E-bikes come with either a hub-drive motor, which
sits in the wheel's hub, or a mid-drive motor on the bike's bottom bracket where
your pedals are. Mid-drive motors have a more natural feel, while rear-wheel
hub-drive motors make you feel like you are being pushed along.
● Need more power? Consider a high torque number. The lower the torque
number, the less powerful the bike will feel. If you are cruising city streets, this
may not be a problem, but if you plan to ride trails, gravel paths, or steep inclines,
you might need a higher torque rating.
● Be sure the battery meets your needs. Review battery ratings and determine how
many miles you can ride before recharging. Does this cover your commute
distance and other needs? Find out how many charge-discharge cycles you can
expect your battery to last. Quality e-bikes generally last for at least 1,000 full
cycles. For an average rider, the battery will last for about three to five years
before you need to replace it.
● Get the right size bike for you. Be sure you fit comfortably on the e-bike model
you are considering buying. You should feel comfortable when riding and be able
to mount and dismount without falling over. It’s always best to check out an
e-bike before buying. If you are shopping online, carefully compare the e-bike
measurements to those of a similar style bicycle you know you feel comfortable
● Think about maintenance. Like any vehicle, your e-bike will need periodic
maintenance and perhaps even repairs. Always understand your warranty and
the type of tune-up and repairs needed. Purchase your e-bike from a company
that is happy to answer your questions and offers good customer service. This
will come in handy if you ever need a repair.

Until next time!